Wildly, It's been a long time coming. I have been waiting to see you become an S rank, Welcome to the S-Team my love. Funny story, You were the first person to become my friend in the gaming community scene, back when we met I actually thought for the longest time you had been a Section Leader before. This was when your name was Sexy Shooter. I was told the highest rank you had achieved was Captain. I remember you telling me last year that you wanted to become a Section Leader and look baby girl, your time has come. You have thrived the last 6 months in leadership, keep that fire lit and keep being you. You have worked so hard to get to where you are now and you deserve every moment in the spot light. I've watched you grow as a leader for almost 4 years now and I am so proud of the things I have watched you achieve. I remember when I met you, so eager to help grow Xplicit, you have been by my side since, you have proven your loyalty to me and to our home clan. You are a strong, level headed leader and I am honoured to have you claim Xplicit as your home clan as you are the one who picked the name. You must be crazy though to still be here dealing with me. I am forever grateful that you never gave up on me. Congratulations SFP Wild SS, I am looking forward to what you achieve as a Section Leader.

From SFP Siren:
Wild: From BarbedImp to SFP Wild SS. I'm proud of you, you've always been able to absorb information easily, and watching you grow and rise through these ranks. You're right where you're suppose to be; and it's been great watching the way you handle certain things and ask for opinions when you need them. Remember to always schedule yourself, and take your breaks when you need too. You have an army behind you, good job Wild; keep our home clan strong and congratulations on your promotion to Section Leader.

From SFP Khaos SD:
There she goes...disappearing again. LoL. I’ll never let that go lol. But in all honesty Wildly I’m glad to see you make to section leader. It suits you. And I know you’ll make an amazing section leader. Keep up the great work. And hopefully one day I’ll see you as a division leader! CONGRATULATIONS!!​