If any normal person heard the word "chaos" you associate it with misconduct, destruction, and just absolute mayhem! However, in this community, when the word "chaos" is spoke it isn't spelled with a C and it isn't just a word; it's a name: Khaos.

Khaos came into SFP as a Section Leader with Death Dealers, Illuminate, and Supernova under his belt. Those clans quickly grew under his capable hands and eventually he was promoted to Division Leader. Once there, Khaos grew into an absolutely amazing leader where he showed, over and over again, that all good things take time, effort and a lot of practice. That effort and change did not go unnoticed as we have a new addition to the Community Leader team; SFP Khaos SC.

You've impacted the lives and leadership abilities of so many around you, here are a few words from some of them:

SFP Kitty SR: "I remember when I was placed in your section back when I was general over Xplicit. I was told, by Siren, that we were 'safe now.' She couldn't have been more right. I'm glad that you accepted us as your own people and you became my people. You deserve this promotion, you are always there when I need advice and to handle tough situations. Hell, you're always there for everyone around you, and I know that can be tiring but you have me and your leaders in your corner. You're stuck with me unfortunately. Congratulations, Khaos. I'm proud of you."

SFP Pixie SR: "Khaos you have legitimately been my rock since day one. I remember being in the party with you when I got a random invite to Siege and you recruited me that day. Several months went by, we moved to SFP and you were my Section Leader, then Division Leader, and now a Community Leader! I knew it was going to happen when we talked about it yesterday! I'm so proud of you and all the accomplishments you have done. Thank you for always being here when I need you and keeping me in SFP. I can't wait to see what more you can do."

SFP Zeus SD: "I appreciate your guidance when I was promoted to SD. It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

SFP Sunny SD: "Khaos congratulations! I'm so proud of you and everything you've done. You stand up for what's right and I couldn't have asked for a better leader and friend. When we became friends you helped me come out of my shell and build my confidence. Without you I wouldn't be the leader I am today. You're amazing and I can't wait to see what kind of great fire you bring to this community! I'm so so happy for you. Also, you still can't boss me around!"

SFP Muse SC: "Khaos, you've been a leader under me from the time you were a captain in Supernova. You've come quite long way from where you were to where you are now and I could not be more proud to see all of your hard work and dedication to making everything and everyone around you better in one way, shape, or form. Not only have you helped those below you be better, but you've also helped those beside you and those above you better as well; myself included. Thank you for being as great as you are and congratulations on your promotion! You've more than earned it, my friend!"

SFP Kay SF: "I am so proud to have you join the SC team! You have made so much improvement and have really become a huge role model for all S ranks across the board. Congratulations! Keep up the excellent work!"

SFP Siren: "Ohhhh Khaos. You've grown so much as a leader and I couldn't be more proud. You've flourished into your role as a Division Leader and now I can't wait to watch you grow into a Community Leader. You've been a good teacher, an okay role model (LOL), and a great friend to anyone around you. You care about the growth and nature of SFP. It is honestly great watching you grow through the ranks and I know I've said it like four times, but I'm so proud of you! Congratulations on your promotion to Community Leader!"