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Wanting To Return Request Required Information

You can post whenever you want but no leader will review your application until a two-week time frame from your separation has concluded.

The SFP Gaming leaders review each members application on a regular basis. There is no timeline on when you post your story that you will be allowed back. We choose to bring people back at our own discretion, if at all.

Before your application will be looked at and we even consider bringing you back into our community, you must have a well-written story. This includes EVERY detail that happened from what lead up to either you being removed or leaving, to you wanting to come back and why.

It is not up to SFP Leadership to seek you out to make sure you have all the information listed. This is your responsibility. If you do not include as much detail as the SFP leaders need to make a decision, you won't have permission to return until your story is completely accurate and your application will be denied for being incomplete.

The following criteria are REQUIRED to be included in your application, but is not limited to:

1.What division were you in?

2.What section were you in?

3.What clan were you in?

4.What rank were you?

5.Who was your direct leader?

6. Detailed information regarding your departure or removal:

7.Do you have anyone in the community who is an advocate for you?

(Minimum of 3 Paragraphs)

(Paragraphs = 4-5 Sentences)
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Starting In April 2021, all processed applications will be moved into an achieve forum. The process app will be viewable for all S ranks.
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