Is The Crew worth it? Well It really depends on your budget and if you really do want every single skin for the game; an avid fan might! As long as they come out each month with a new pass then yes it's worth it but if they don't then no.

The normal pass is 950 vbucks and gamers/players/Fortnite fans can just grind it to max level or buy them. By the end of the normal pass you get a total amount of 1500 vbucks back if you complete it. To buy all the levels it would be an estimated 13,000 vbucks for the pass and all levels; so a little over $79.99 USD.

If you're not a hard-core player do not get The Crew just spend $7.99 USD and get the normal pass.

You can't deny that the cross overs in Fortnite are sick.
From Master Chief to updated skins more often then any other game. With the new edition of primal weapons it takes the game to a refreshing feel and game play. I like the upgrade your gear through the game and can craft pretty high gear. You don't have to loot like a mad man, or hot drop and get killed (like me) in a few minutes. Weapon skins bring a refreshing look and not the same boarding look for the weapons.

I also love the fact Fortnite keeps adding new thing like the raptors that hatched from eggs you might have seen in game before they were actually put in the game.

Like it or hate it; the bow is indeed satisfying to get a hit or even a killing blow. The best is across the map head shots.

What do you like or dislike about this season? Reply below and let us know!
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