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  1. SFP Ana SS

    Clan transfer request

    This forum is where Generals in clans under SFP Ana SS post a Transfer Request. Please use the following format: Member Tag: Members Rank: Current clan: Clan requested to go to:
  2. SFP Ana SS

    Clan split templet

    Clan Split Format This application is to be filled out and completed by the Section Leader (SS) & General prior to submitting the Clan Split to the Division Leaders (SD) on the Help Desk by the Section Leader (SS). Please copy, paste and fill out this template in this thread as a "reply"...
  3. SFP Ana SS

    SFP Eclipse Breakdown

    General 1 Captain 2 J3ST3R7337 SkippyChuck Lieutenant 3 Poison Ivy426 DemonicyYT S0uth3RnTank
  4. SFP Ana SS

    Ana's Wonderland

    Hiya this is where yall can ask questions or just chat!
  5. SFP Ana SS

    Name change request

    Gamertag Change Request SFP Gamertag Changes: So, you want to change your gamertag to represent our brand. Few things to know before that happens. You MUST be a Member in SFP. You do not need approval from a Section Leader, when changing your gamertag without SFP; example SFP Buio SS to Buio...