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Where to begin with FLYY. He's been a great leader as a General splitting SFP Empire. Shortly after that becoming a Section Leader. There have been a few hardships along his path. However he persevered, became a Regiment Leader. He did some great things there. Now he's become a Division Leader. I look forward to seeing you continue along the path of greatness you've shown as a strong Leader that people can count on. It is my honor to call you my peer again! Let's take SFP to unspeakable heights. Congratulations SFP FLYY SD on your promotion!
April 2021; Spotlight Article: SFP Codex SR!
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SFP would like to introduce you to our April 2021 poll winner of the spotlight article.

SFP Codex SR.
Regiment Leader.

This interview was a barrel of laughs to conduct, if you've hung out with Codex before you know she loves to have fun but can go from business to professional in seconds flat. She is great to be around and can make you laugh on your worst days!

1. What was your first gamertag?
Codex: BloodRyne72

2. How did you get into gaming?
Codex: Well, I've always loved video games; I played arcades. When my friend got a gaming system, I thought it was really cool so I've played ever since. I was introduced to my first gaming system when I was 12. It's been a relationship ever since.

3. Who influences you to be a leader?
Codex: A lot of people. I learned...​

Rainbow Six Siege Year Six Update

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For a lot of gamers, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a constant escape for them. The game has been around since April 7, 2015 and has seen quite a few changes; some good and some bad. The most recent year - Year 6, Season 1 - is no exception to that. So let's discuss these changes and how they will effect the game.

For over a year now, first appearing on January 15, 2020 during the "Road to S.I. 2020" event, the Battle Pass - a two tier reward system - gives those that purchase it access to gear that would otherwise be unavailable. This year's Battle Pass has three options with the first tier being, simply put, the basic gear and some alpha packs that anyone and everyone can earn. The second tier - "Premium Track" - is valued at 1200 R6 credits, which amounts to about $15 (USD) and gives you access to the newest operator, Santiago "Flores" Lucero, and his explosive (literally) drone; the Premium Track also gives you access to rewards on each level of the Battle Pass compared to...
April 2021 Events!
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For the month of April 2021, Our Events Team are hosting the following events, with more to come of course.

April 2nd is a Dead by Daylight game night at 9pm EST with your hosts SFP Wildly and SFP Igneous

April 10th Cards Against Humanity 18+ at 10pm EST with your hosts SFP TD SS and SFP Kitty SR

April 16th is a Fortnite game night at 8pm EST with your hosts SFP Urkel SS and SFP Kitty SR

April 17th is a Siege Roulette at 9pm EST with your hosts SFP Kitty SR and SFP Oreo SS

April 24th @ 9pm est...​
Spotlight Interview: SFP Sunny SR
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Get to know SFP Sunny SR; Regiment Leader over SFP Kitty SS, SFP Pixie SS, SFP Urkel SS.

1. What was your very first gamertag?
Sunny: WHOVIAN2IN221B "AKA" Whovi!

2. How did you get into gaming?
Sunny: I got into gaming after high-school, I didn't really have anything to do. I was looking for a job and it was in between semesters in college. I was getting depressed because I had nothing to do, My sister SFP Muse SC, said why don't you start gaming with me? And introduced me to her online friends; that's how I got into communities and gaming!

3. Who influences you to be a leader?
Sunny: SFP Muse SC, SFP Siren, SFP Wolf, SFP Vee, SFP Khaos SD, SFP Pixie SS, SFP Kay SF, SFP Buio SC. All of these people have always been there and given...​

SFP Kitty SS

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Everyone please congratulate Kittenxx now known as SFP Kitty SS on her promotion to Section Leader! She has worked tremendously hard during her time here and has achieved a major milestone. She has shown that calmness and patience can go a long way on your road to being a Section Leader. SFP Kitty SS had some praise from SFP Siren.
Siren said "SFP Kitty SS, has been with me for 2 years now. I remember recruiting her off of fortnite. She's been through plenty of ups and downs with Xplicit. She's been there for it all. She has revived it, ran it even from a lieutenants position. She has been a stabilizing factor of our home clan and I couldn't be more proud of her. Watching her come up through the ranks, and being there for her promotion to Section Leader has been one of the most proudest moments in my leadership career...