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Fortnite Value

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Is The Crew worth it? Well It really depends on your budget and if you really do want every single skin for the game; an avid fan might! As long as they come out each month with a new pass then yes it's worth it but if they don't then no.

The normal pass is 950 vbucks and gamers/players/Fortnite fans can just grind it to max level or buy them. By the end of the normal pass you get a total amount of 1500 vbucks back if you complete it. To buy all the levels it would be an estimated 13,000 vbucks for the pass and all levels; so a little over $79.99 USD.

If you're not a hard-core player do not get The Crew just spend $7.99 USD and get the normal pass.

You can't deny that the cross overs in Fortnite are sick.
From Master Chief to updated skins more often then any other game. With the new edition of primal weapons it takes the game to a refreshing feel and game play. I like the upgrade your gear through the game and can craft pretty high gear. You don't have to loot like a mad man...

SFP Wild SS Promotion

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Wildly, It's been a long time coming. I have been waiting to see you become an S rank, Welcome to the S-Team my love. Funny story, You were the first person to become my friend in the gaming community scene, back when we met I actually thought for the longest time you had been a Section Leader before. This was when your name was Sexy Shooter. I was told the highest rank you had achieved was Captain. I remember you telling me last year that you wanted to become a Section Leader and look baby girl, your time has come. You have thrived the last 6 months in leadership, keep that fire lit and keep being you. You have worked so hard to get to where you are now and you deserve every moment in the spot light. I've watched you grow as a leader for almost 4 years now and I am so proud of the things I have watched you achieve. I remember when I met you, so eager to help grow Xplicit, you have been by my side since, you have proven your...​

SFP Life's Generals Promotion Story

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SFP Life
Wow congratulations SFP Life on your promotion to General over SFP Xplicit. SFP Life has been with me since February and in just that short of time he has excelled in leadership. He didn't seem very sure about leadership at first but he was willing to try it. He was so eager to learn about the website and recruiting. While also getting to know and game with his clan and peers in the community. From the start I knew you where going to be a great leader and general. Well that day has come and all that hard work has paid off. I'm extremely proud of you and couldn't of found a better leader to run my home clan SFP Xplicit. It has been an amazing opportunity to see you grow has a leader. I'm proud to be able to be apart of that growth. I can't wait to see what you achieve next. I am here every step of the way and keep asking questions. Thank you [COLOR=rgb(44...

SFP Pixie SR

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SFP Pixie SR
Let me start this by saying congratulations. I'm so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. I remember back when I first joined Supernova. You were one of the first friends I made. You, as well as others, helped me grow pretty quickly. As we've grown together I have gotten to know you personally and as a leader. I couldn't be more proud of you. You are doing amazing, never forget that! Keep your head up and keep doing your best!

Pixie was above me when I first joined and when I got promoted to be over her she was nothing but supportive when she could have been negative. She strives everyday to do her best and asks for little to nothing in return. Being her leader and friend is an honor. I cannot wait to see what she continues to bring to SFP as she continues to grow.

SFP Khaos SD:
SFP Pixie SR....Has a nice ring to it. Oh wait a congratulations is in order! Well done! I’m so proud of you pixie. Seeing the amount of work you have put into the community is...

SFP Sunny SD Promotion

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WOW.. Just Wow. First let me say Congratulations!!! I knew one day i would see you make it to Division Leader. But dam you made it up here a lot faster than i thought. And i cant tell you how proud of you i am. You are an amazing leader. And you push everyday to do your best and it shows. I remember the day i was actually introduced to you. You were in Gods in a community we will not name here LoL. And you were having problems with your clan. So i did what i could as a general at that time to help you.
You were so shy and nervous and lost. I spoke with you several days a week and helped you build some confidence. You then transferred to Supernova under me and continued helping you grow and be better and re-teaching you. And... Now look at you hon. You're an SD and i honestly cant wait to what else you do and how much higher you get. Great job!! Youre gonna go far here.

From SFP Muse SC:
"Sunny you've done a great job and I'm so proud of you! You've come a long way...

SFP Kitty SR Promotion

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SFP Kitty SR..
I remember two years ago, recruiting alone off fortnite when I was a General. Now, look where we are. You've stuck with me, your loyalty is unmatched and nowwww...
Wow, now a Regiment Leader and so well deserved. You've been working so hard to get where you are; you've tackled all your goals amazingly. Watching you go up the ranks like you are is completely mindblowing and amazing. Watching how hard you work and seeing how well you learn. You are a powerhouse leader. You are extremely helpful to those around you, and always make sure to communicate. I'm extremely proud that you claim SFP Xplicit along side myself as your home clan. Keep building our legacy, my great prodigy. Keep that fire lit, and keep it a flamed. I'm so proud of you Kitten. Words cannot express it.

From: SFP Khaos SD
I, myself, am very proud of who you have become as a leader. You’ve had many ups and down but have come...​