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Spotlight September 2021: SFP Siren

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It's about time this happened!!
So here it is!
You asked; she answered.

1.) What trait did you learn from leadership that helps you in your personal life?
- I grew a backbone, it helps me a lot but also gets me into trouble.
2.) What's your favorite game and/or series?
- Skyrim and Borderlands. Forever Skyrim even though I'm currently hooked on Apex.
3.) What's your greatest accomplishment in SFP?
- Making it to Chief.
4.) What friends have you made in SFP?
- The only friends I have...

Apex Legends Sea

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So this season of Apex is starting off with a BANG!

We are getting a new champ named Seer and he is a scout class that can use a huge ring for his ultimate and in this if someone is shooting or moving and not crouching they are showing the location for them.

Seer’s next ability, his L1/RB is a tunnel of sorts that shoots a fast moving and yet easy to side step ability that will stun and will stop the abilities of the affected people in the area received for a small amount of time this includes healing, reviving allies.

Wouldn't want to forget to mention his Passive; While aiming Seer can see a heartbeat icon and even hear it for up to 75m. Yes you read that correctly 75M. This is the farthest ability in the game and the first of the kind im looking fo the next patch to cut it by at least 30% if not more lets be honest that is just insane and cheap. Does it feel good to find a person 75m away, hunt them like a deer and eliminate them? Yes, yes it does for sure. Seer is going...
Spotlight August 2021: SFP Bats SS
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You voted, she won!
Congratulations to SFP Bats SS on winning the August 2021 Spotlight Interview.

I have known Bats since before SFP, she is extremely easy going, easy to talk too and it was amazing being able to interview her. She's kind hearted and cares for her people and this community. If you haven't gamed with her, add her on xbox (GT: SFP Bats SS).

1. What was your first gamertag?
SFP Bats SS: iamthebatgirl19

2. How did you get into gaming?
SFP Bats SS: I was into gaming I was younger, we had a ps2. I didn't get into it until my mom got my brother a Xbox 360 and I started playing left 4 dead and I was obsessed then I found Xbox live and made friends, and became obsessed even more.

3. Who influences you to be a leader...
July 2021 Spotlight Interview: SFP Mist SS
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July 2021's winner was SFP Mist SS.

has been here for just about a year, and was the general over my home clan SFP HoneyBadgers before he made Section Leader. Alot of people know him as the dude that always talks about Choccy Milk or puts mayo gifs in chat. ?

Here's the interview !

1. What was your very first gamertag?
Mist: unearnedbubbles

2. How did you get into gaming?
Mist: he would play at his cousins house on mw 2. We would play private matches, sniping eachother. His cousin had an Xbox 360, Mist went and got the original Xbox and he would play starwars battlefront in a private match for hours.

3. Who influences you to be a leader?
Mist: Siren; helps motivate me to be a...​

Who Knew You Only Needed Three People for an Alien Killing Team?

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If there was ever an appropriate time to use the National Geographic meme of the guy with crazy hair saying "Aliens" it would be right here, right now.

That's right, aliens. They're coming to America and Rainbow operators Ash, Mira, and Thermite have created a new team called the "Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team," or REACT for short, to eradicate them. These aliens are referred to as Archæans and as you and two other players, if you don't want to run solo, move through one of the 12 maps to get them out the challenges will only get harder.

According to Ubisoft, all 12 maps are divided into four different regions of the United States in this PvE style game and as you progress further into each region the aliens and infestations get tougher; but the rewards become better as well. After completing one part of a sub-zone you, and your team - if you have one - can decide to venture further into the region and take on harder Archæans for better rewards, or you can...
Spotlight Interview: SFP Cobra SS
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Cobra was a delight to interview.
If you do not know him, when he gets a controller hit him up on xbox and game with him!

Congratulations again on winning the interview!

1. What was your very first gamertag?
Cobra: mudking82; it was my first gamertag because I started playing black ops2

2. How did you get into gaming?
Cobra: I had a couple friends that were from out of state and that's the only way that we could communicate and they got me started.

3. Who influences you to be a leader?
Cobra: Muse and Khaos!

4. What trait did you learn from leadership, that helps you in your personal life?
Cobra: How to control my anger, and talk to people; get them to see how the community can be an asset to becoming a better gamer.

5. What are your goals in Savagely Feared Productions?
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