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Halo: Infinite- Rising from the ashes

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Halo: Infinite was to be the biggest game to release alongside the Xbox Series X. It was supposed to be the reason to own the Series X (even though it’s also going to be on Xbox one.). The return of Master Chief. No one else. No Locke, no random Spartan, no ODST, just Master Chief. Using its new Slipspace engine, which is the first time Halo would be using a new engine, we were going to get the Halo we have all been waiting for. Then it happened. What we all feared. The dreaded delay that has hit so many games this year.

Why was Halo delayed? Why now? Was it the pandemic? Was the game not that good? Questions everyone was asking and no answers being communicated. It seemed like something was terribly wrong. The answer to most questions is Yes. Yes to all of the above. The pandemic took a bigger toll on 343 Industries (the studio behind Halo: Infinite) than most other studios. Sending developers home to work on the game and in the wake not being able to communicate as well as the...

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5. The final reviews!

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As we all know the next generation of systems is upon us with the recent releases of the Xbox Series X and the PS5. Some of us already have them and are enjoying our gaming experiences. This is my side by side review of both systems. I will not be getting into the technical aspects as both systems are built fairly differently, but are powerful, with the Xbox Series X having the slight edge in raw power. This article is to give everyone a better idea of how good the systems are, ease of use, games, and if you should buy one (if you haven't already.)

First and foremost games look absolutely stunning on both systems. Games that have come out and have taken advantage of both systems raw power is noticeable. If you play the games on last gen and then play them on next gen, you can absolutely see the difference most notably in the games that have taken advantage of 60 FPS and 4K, with smaller titles even going as high as 120 FPS. While both systems graphics look amazing, the PS5 has...

Life Is Strange - The Development

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Life is Strange - The Development

Life is Strange is a series created by Dontnod Entertainment made up of adventurous episodes. The game was released in segments of five installments throughout 2015. After two years passed, Dontnod Entertainment created the prequal to the series, "Life is Strange: Before the Storm", in 2017, then following it with the sequels in 2018, "Life is Strange 2" which also had a couple extra episodes to go along with the story line in "The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit" that had also been released in 2018.

As a gamer who has personally played every game in the series, it is definitely a roller coaster of events. This game sends you on a mind absorbing, emotional, and critical adventure. With the series getting recognition within the past 5...

SFP Rated SS

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I'd like to Congratulate SFP Rated SS on his promotion to section leader. He has grown as a leader and a person. He came into my section with immortals and has worked real hard with that clan to get it to grow. He struggled at first with immortals cuz it was just a comp clan. Him and i had gotten together decided to add a casual squad to allow more people in that clan. As soon as we did that all of a sudden that clan was ready to prep for a clan split. He then was able to become an even better leader and work with his clan and leadership. He finally did what he had to do and grew and split his very first clan. He has awesome leadership that i see going real far in SFP. Keep up all the great work bud. Keep pushing forward. Keep growing as a leader. Cant wait to see what you do and where you go here. Once again im proud of you.

SFP Sunny SS

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This is a promotion that im at a legit loss for words. But let start off by saying i'm VERY proud of you SFP Sunny SS. I knew one day that you would make it. And im glad you got to get promoted from under me. You are an outstanding leader and i only see you going up from here. You have some very strong clans and great leadership under you. And obviously you have all the support you need from higher ups.
You have come so far as a leader and as a person. When you first came to supernova under me as a Sgt you were shy and very nervous and anxious. And you questioned yourself as a person and as a leader. Now you are a very strong and determined leader. And you keep striving to be the best person/leader you can be. I legit cant wait to see what you do with this promotion and where you go. You're an amazing leader and person. Keep up the Great Work!!!!

SFP Tylerpip Promotion to General!!

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I want to congratulate SFP Tylerpip on his well deserved promotion to General over SFP Guardians. He has done nothing but work his butt off to become a general. He is a very strong minded leader and wants to keep moving up in the community. Hes gonna work on being another comp clan. and wants to continue bringing comp people to SFP. Cant wait to see what you do here as a general Bud. Keep up the good work Tyler.