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A New Section Leader in Town

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I would like to announce our newest section leader in SFP is SFP Dark SS! SFP Dark SS or previously known as SFP DRKxLORD joined SFP shortly after I did and quickly showed interest in leadership. He made it up to captain and showed strong dedication and growth commitment to the community. Eventually after 3 months of hard work, Dark and myself split SFP Sovereign to create SFP Valhalla. Although he struggled at some parts, he always overcame any obstacle thrown at him. After about another 4 months of hard work he split Valhalla to create SFP Vikings. He showed interest in what section leaders do and was always eager to learn more about the community. Dark is also apart of the Events Team as a Trial Event Coordinator! Way to show your dedication and commitment to the success of the community and a huge congratulations on your promotion to Section Leader. You have worked hard to get where...
A New Section Leader in Town.

The Creation of SFP Vikings

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I want to give a huge shout out to SFP DRKxLORD on doing his first clan split, creating SFP Vikings.
SFP DRKxLORD was previously the general of SFP Valhalla which was created in May when Sovereign did a clan split. SFP DRKxLORD decided to take over SFP Vikings and leave SFP Valhalla to his trusted captain, now general, Demonicpanda.
Demonicpanda joined SFP Valhalla in June and quickly showed his dedication to growth and having fun. Demonic quickly started recruiting and working with his leadership to help better the clan and the community. Not long after he made it to lieutenant, then built his own squad in which a squad split happened and he became captain.
Demonic stepped it up even more in assisting in the leadership growth and helping the other squads in Valhalla when needed. Demonic has always been a team player and it brings me joy to congratulate him on his promotion over SFP Valhalla.

SFP DRKxLORD and Demonicpanda, it has been a pleasure working with the both of you and...
Creation of SFP Vikings.

Shine on RaccoonJuice000!

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Sometimes as a leader you just get blown away by what your members can do. Well, SFP Zeus SS wanted to share his mind blown experience with Raccoonjuice000!

Raccoon was brought into SFP as a Sergeant under RedLetter and went up to Lieutenant. He’s been a Lieutenant for about a week and has shown massive dedication as he has brought in up to 20 new recruits since then!

Of course I had to reach out to Raccoon and this is what I was able to find out!
So why does Raccoon like SFP? Raccoon says he enjoys SFP because the people and leaders here are really cool and he thinks the community is really nice! Well Raccoon, we are glad to have you apart of our family!

Raccoon said he went into leadership because he enjoys helping out his peers and showing people new things that could help them out! He also says his goals for the community is to help build the community, guide new recruits to learn the community and rules, and also game with new people. Fantastic goals if I must say so...
Shine on RaccoonJuice000!.

Get To Know SFP Brain SS!

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You all got to read about Muse but now it’s time to get to know SFP Brain SS!

Getting right into it, Brain has been gaming for a total of 18 years and says he started gaming when he was just 6 years old! Brain also states that getting into gaming was an escape from real life. It started when his dad bought him a gameboy color and he says it was a big part of his life. I’m sure most of us can definitely relate to that! If you ever want to game with him and get to know him personally, you can typically find him on Black Ops 4 BlackOut or WarZone. But he also says he likes to take a break and switch over to ESO or The Witcher!

Now who is SFP Brain SS as a leader? Let’s find out! Brain says he initially got into leadership because he likes helping people and helping others grow and build on what they accomplish. He also wants people to have that sense of accomplishment just like he does! When it comes down to it, he says he looks up to [COLOR=rgb(44...
Get To Know SFP Brain SS!.

Get To Know SFP Muse SD!

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SFP Muse SD is one of 4 amazing Xbox Division Leaders. Muse is known by majority of SFP but let’s get to know her even more!

Muse says that she’s been gaming forever but just started gaming consistently about 4 years ago. She got into gaming due to Her mom getting her and her siblings the original Xbox so Muse used to watch her brother play and wanted to play herself. She used to play a lot of Barbie Horse Adventures. But she definitely played Crash, Tom Clancy’s, and a bunch of races. She ended up falling out of gaming for awhile but about 4 years ago she had just gotten out of a relationship and missed having social interactions so she got Xbox live with black ops 2 and started playing again. Overall if you want to game with Muse she says that her gaming depends on her mood. More times or not you’ll find her on Siege, Sims 4, or Zoo Tycoon. She also plays fortnite, ghost recon, Division 2, and plays custom games on COD. So don’t be shy to hit...
Get To Know SFP Muse SD!.

SFP Buio SD's Promotion Story

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About SFP Buio SD
His birthday is at the end of the month, he will be 25. He played hockey growing up, he started playing when he was 4 and played competitively until he was 21. He loves to watch hockey and soccer; those are his two-favorite sports, his two favorite teams are the Detroit Red Wings and Inter Milan. When those two are playing, you can bet he will be watching it. Buio is a nickname his father gave to him when he was younger and still calls him that to this day. That’s where his gamer-tag originated from. His favorite games growing up were Halo 2, Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2, and FIFA. He is currently a student at Michigan State University and will graduate in December. After graduating he plans to pursue his master’s degree. SFP Buio SD’s favorite TV show is Game of Thrones (with the exception of the last season). He plans on reading the series when all the books are...